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    Mixed pearls for wisdom

    99.00  inc. VAt

    A beautiful one of a kind pearl & gemstone necklace, made with love.



    Many of these pieces have been made by upcycling and recycling older pieces of my jewellery. I am using beads that come from all over the world, but the natural stones & pearls that I’m using here are from 20-30 years ago. I honestly believe that every tiny little bead can find its place. I have almost never thrown away any bead.

    Also, with pearls, there are different prices and qualities. I’m trying to do some affordable but original pieces, not too expensive, not too cheap. Each piece is handmade by me, with love.

    Pearls are gems but not stones. A long time ago when pearls were hard to find, (well they still can be, but are mostly farmed), -and so as the saying goes, when wisdom is given we should treasure it. They also symbolize purity and perfection.
    It is kind of amazing that pearls are found, as is, from a living creature. They require no polishing or cutting. The oysters don’t die when you remove a pearl, and I read that they produce even more prettier pearls as they age.

    with love, Linda

    ps. Each necklace is unique so as one is sold another one will be added in it’s place. (Working on the photos too…) Always room for improvement!

    These necklaces are made with different sizes of natural pearls and gemstones (including rose quartz, clear crystal, aventurine, carnelian, jade, moonstone, amethyst & many more etc…

    The length is 42cm-52cm so that it can be worn as a choker or then adjusted to be a bit longer.
    The adjustment chain and clasp are sterling silver.


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