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    My brand in a Gloria Magazine

    Hello Everyone!

    Hope you have all had a fun and relaxing summer. I know I have. It sure goes fast! There always seems to be too much to do these days and hardly enough time to just hang. Even in the summer.
    I got to spend the month of July visiting my mom and my family near Detroit. Luckily we had lovely sunny weather almost every day! That was a beautiful thing. But imagine my surprise when I turned on my computer on the first morning of the trip & there was an email from British Vogue inquiring about my interest in them doing a jewellery profile on my brand! I was flabbergasted! Of course you have to pay a small amount, but I was like, who cares, British Vogue! Woohoo! (and it is affordable.) And then some scrambling around to make it happen, which was not difficult, but still a little tricky to pick the right picture and short text. They were very helpful too! so there you go. It can happen even to a small brand like me.

    The other surprise was when Pupulandia wrote a blog about her favorite pair of earrings at the moment, which, if you can believe it-were made by me! Once again I was so happy and surprised about this.

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