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    No matter what the weather is outside, you’ll find some color & light here! 🙂 Free Peace bracelet with every order! #peace


    FAQ & Tidbits

    Faqs & Tidbits about ME and this jewellery 🙂

    I am Linda Toye. Originally born in Detroit, Michigan; grew up in a suburb called Westland. Met a cute guy in college who happened to be from Finland. Where in the heck is that? I remember asking?? Next thing I knew, here I was. Not quite like winning the lottery, but close 🙂 the long darkish winter makes it challenging, to say the least. I started making jewellery after becoming obsessed with natural stones. (if you want, you can read the story in the “BLOG” section from the article that was in Blue Wings in January of 2014.)

    At the moment I design & make by hand each piece of jewellery myself. By buying my product you are supporting a local small business.

    These glowing beads are made from acrylic. They come from China or Japan. First the beads are painted silver, then with layers of clear COLOR which produces a very interesting addictive glow when light or sunshine SHINES on them. Technically they don’t glow in the dark; they glow in the LIGHT 🙂 The other beads I use come from all over the WORLD!

    Also I wanted to add that most of the products are available in ALL colors, it is just impossible for me at the moment to have a sample of each and every product in each and every color. It drives me crazy but there just aren’t yet enough hours in the day! I’m working on it! So if you are interested in a certain design, in a certain color which isn’t shown PLEASE inquire! I aim to please! 😀

    In general when you are wearing this jewellery people will be asking you, what is this? where is it from? how do they glow? where did you get it? feel free to spread the LOVE!

    Slight imperfections are typical features, characteristic of these beads.

    The color can fade. Please take care to avoid extreme prolonged time in the harsh sunlight as this, combined with sweat, sunscreen, and lotion in general can fade the colors quite dramatically. This has happened to me! & some colors react stronger than others. If something extremely dramatic happens with your jewellery I will replace it for free or for a small charge depending on the circumstance. Keep in mind these are not made from gold or silver which never changes…I like to think of them as my favorite pair of jeans which can fade over time, sometimes more, sometimes less. Part of the charm. Also avoid spraying perfume or hairspray while wearing this jewellery. That can make the coating come off.

    You should not swim in the sea or shower with this jewellery on, but in general water does not hurt the coating. If you take care of your jewellery it will last a long time.

    If your jewellery seems dirty you can wipe it with a damp cloth. Clean sterling silver and gold-fill with silver cleaner, (cloth or liquid) the beads can handle a dip in silver cleaner, but not too often.

    Rings My cocktail rings are bigger & slightly more fragile than a normal ring or costume jewellery ring. The ring parts can come off. Care must be taken when putting on your coat, digging in your purse, clapping at the theatre, etc…If one piece falls off, I ask you to still enjoy your ring until another piece may or may not fall off. I will replace the pieces if you send the ring back to me.

    No charge during first year of purchase 🙂

    My jewellery is nickel free & hypo-allergenic. All earrings hooks are sterling silver or gold-filled. Gold-filled is a thicker coating/plating of 14K gold to the surface. Surgical steel is also available on request. Ring bases are available in silver-plated and sterling silver. Please inquire about prices for rings with sterling silver ring bases.

    Necklaces and earrings are available in different lengths. I f you need a specific length, please send an email to

    Wholesale available. I’m always looking for new places to sell my jewellery. Please inquire at
    for wholesale prices.

    In general people who have bought my jewellery have enjoyed wearing & talking about it. And many have come back for more & shared their lovely stories with me.  Thank you!

    My jewellery is sold at a few select places in Helsinki & Turku:

    LIfe is growing all the time! PEACE/LOVE/COLOR!

    I have also studied art at Eastern Michigan University; I have a BFA in painting and graphic design. Soon my paintings will be available for viewing & sale here.