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    No matter what the weather is outside, you’ll find some color & light here! 🙂 Free Peace bracelet with every order! #peace


    Dangly Earrings Long (6.5-10cm)

    These dangly shoulder dusters add swing and color to any style. Sleek and stylish, or bouncy and carefree, you can decide. These earrings were featured in Gloria Magazine/February/2019.
    Choose from matched or unmatched pairs, and feel free to write & ask for color options if you need them to match something specific. These longer lengths are approx 10-11cm (with 6 different sizes of beads altogether(shoulder-dusters).

    The other longer size (5 tier) are approx. 6.5cm & 7cm lengths. There are two styles, one has slightly smaller beads. It’s only half a cm, but as we know, some like it a bit bigger or smaller. 🙂 I aim to please! xo

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