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    Indian silver & gunmetal (shorter style)

    69.00  inc. VAt

    Beaded earrings in metallic & gunmetal.



    These are native american inspired beaded earrings.
    A long time ago I started making jewellery, and these kind of beaded earrings were my big inspiration. Looks like I’ve gone back to my roots.
    I’ve always loved the amazing amount of different sparkly colors, and textures, and their different possible combinations. Each pair is quite original and there may be some color variations.
    If you have a preferred length I can do custom lengths. Also please ask about different color combinations.
    As before I only use sterling silver earring hooks. Surgical steel on request.
    These are quite short and versatile, with a cute triangle connector detail.
    You can dress them up or down as you please and I love that this color goes with everything!
    Each pair is handmade-beaded and designed with much love!

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