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    Woven Tapered Earrings in light blue

    49.00  inc. VAt

    Tapered woven in light blue



    These earrings add something classic and retro at the same time; a little color to your day or evening without being overpowering. Lightweight but bold at the same time. These woven tapered earrings come in a couple different lengths. The shorter length is approx. 4cm and the longer is approx. 7 cm. They are made with sterling silver ear wires. Also feel free to ask about any color combinations you would need for a specific outfit.
    Custom colors sets available.

    *Sometimes when I use the different sizes of the beads there are small slight differences in the colors or shade of the color. I always try to get it as similiar as possible, but this is also part of the charm with using these beads. Nothing is purrfect.

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