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    Party Ball Necklace in Two-Tone, Green & Yellow

    35.00  inc. VAt

    Party Party! A simple but fun long necklace.



    This color is only available in 25mm bead size. This is a simple long necklace casual wear or for those fun party times. You can choose between 20mm, 25mm or 30mm ball sizes and colors. Not every color is available in every size but almost. Please ask in a comment or email if you need something specific.

    This necklace is also available in an almost black and silver-plated stainless steel ball chain with 2 clasps making it possible for 2 lengths. The longest length is about 70cm; and the shorter length about 38cm. For that teenager in all of us. 🙂

    The chain is made from stainless steel and is hypo-allergenic. Suitable for children 7 years and older 🙂

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