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    Palma earrings in Green, cha cha cha!

    79.00  inc. VAt

    Bold Palma earrings in green- these will steal the show! Cha Cha Cha!



    When you need that extra something to dress up your outfit look no further. These earrings, inspired by the vibrant city of La Palma in Mallorca, will add bold color & style to your day or evening.
    They are available in many colors and are made with sterling silver earwires. Also feel free to ask about any color combinations you would need for a specific outfit.
    Also check out the different styles with-in this category. By combining different beads and shapes, the same design changes and evolves to suit many tastes.
    Approximately 10-11 cm long. Shorter style is about 4-6cm long.
    Custom colors sets available, please ask.

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