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Woven Shoulder Duster in mixed fuchsia, white, metallic


Woven Shoulder Duster Earrings in mixed black, white &metallic



Woven earrings by Linda Toye come in a few different styles. Open weave comes in two lengths: approx. 7 cm & extra long shoulder-duster style approx. 14 cm.
They were shown in the Gloria Fashion Show in 2018.

The Open-Weave style comes in white, cream, pink, red, fuchsia, latte, black, and multicolor (for now).

These shoulder dusters add color and fun, swing and bounce, to your day or evening without being overpowering.
They are made with sterling silver ear wires. Also feel free to ask about any color combinations you would need for a specific outfit.
Approximately 14 cm long. Custom colors sets available.

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