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Indian Princess long earring in vintage stripes (single)

79.00  inc. VAt

(Single) Indian Princess beaded earring in vintage colors



Don’t want a pair? Order a single earring! More color combinations & styles & pictures are coming to the shop soon.
A long time ago I started making jewellery, and these kind of beaded earrings were my big inspiration. Looks like I’ve gone back to my roots.
I’ve always loved the colors and their different possible combinations. Each pair is quite original and there may be some color variations.
They are quite long, so if you have a preferred length I can do custom lengths.
They do take a long time to make and it has been quite tricky to calculate the price. It will be available to buy only one earring at a time, if you’d like.
As before I only use sterling silver earring hooks. Also feel free to ask about any color combinations you would need for a specific outfit.
Approximately 11-14 cm long. Custom colors sets available. Please inquire.

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